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Our Programs

Our Programs

We aim to reduce inequality of opportunity in education by projects we organize. 

We believe, we can achieve this best by crossing 

different worlds and lifestyles. 

Career Talks

Career Talks connects youth in Turkey with industry professionals and academicians from all around the world, through YouTube live broadcasts. Viewers can ask their questions in real time and receive answers from the guest.


Our goal is to help you crack the coding interviews and get your dream internship/job at a top-tier technology company.


Our mentoring program aims to bring together mentors who are experts in their fields with mentees who need guidance on their careers. Our mentors, who work as volunteers in our organization, have a wide range of span in terms of their education and work fields.

DevPaths Applications are now CLOSED!

DevPaths Applications are now CLOSED!

So what is DevPaths?

Our goal is to help you crack the coding interviews and get your dream internship/job at a top-tier technology company.

What do we do?

We try to help motivated prospective software engineers succeed in software engineering interview process. We guide participants in analyzing a problem into sub-problems, detecting edge-cases, finding an effective solution, writing a concise implementation of their solution and communicating their thoughts.

What do we not do?

We do not run a coding camp or a study group. We encourage all the participants to help each other and learn together, but the core of the program is to help the participants prepare for the interviews, not to teach them Computer Science.


Job or Internship at Silicon Valley

Anyone who has a good understanding of Computer Science basics, Data Structures, Algorithms and is ready to work hard for the next couple of quarters can participate.

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