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Are you a programming enthusiast?
Do you want to work at a top technology company?
Do you have strong computer science fundamentals?

If your answer is yes to all of these questions, then you are at the right place. DevPaths, run in partnership with Sabanci University, is here to help you be ready for your technical interview and achieve your goals!


I love the idea, tell me more! What’s this about?

We strongly recommend you to take a look at here for a more detailed answer and various other useful info.
Just to summarize in a couple of sentences: We are holding weekly sessions and these sessions will have a lot of mock interviews structured around algorithms, data structures, design questions in addition to resume screening and behavioral questions.

All of the participants who have shown enough progress will have chance to network with engineers from Google, Facebook, Palantir, Microsoft, Uber, Salesforce and many other respected tech companies, and get a referral.

Does this sound too good to be true? Take a look at how much work we put it in so far to help our participants reach their goals:

Our Impact

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Which companies did our alumni get offers from?

If you want to know more about our alumni, every week we will be sharing a story of one of our alumni here. Make sure to follow us on social media not to miss stories behind these numbers!

This sounds great so far, what’s the catch?

We expect you to attend 2 to 4 hour sessions every week. Unless you have a very serious excuse, you need to attend all of these sessions. Homework assignments, exam preparations do not count as valid and serious excuses. In addition to that, you should practice on your own at least 7-8 hours every week. We will send you some guiding questions as well, but you will be evaluated based on the improvement on your performance, not by how many questions you solve.

You would also be expected to watch a series of videos where we chat with engineers from Silicon Valley companies about the culture of these companies and tips on how to prepare for the technical interviews.
Last but not least, you would be expected to give back to your community once you find an internship or a job. This can be in the form of mentorship or financial support. We will not be enforcing this in anyway, but we encourage everyone to think about giving back to their communities from day one.

Whats and Hows

Our goal is to help you crack the coding interviews and get your dream internship/job at a top-tier technology company.

Software engineering is the fastest growing occupation in US (expected to grow 26% from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average of any other occupation based on the data provided by US Bureau of Labor Statistics). The number of employees in the big tech companies increased at a much higher rate in the last 3 years (from 2016 to 2019, Microsoft: 114k → 144k, Google: 72k → 103k, Facebook: 17k → 35k based on the data provided by www.statista.com) However, the number of college graduates who hold a CS degree is not keeping up with this rate, and therefore for almost all of the big tech companies in the Silicon Valley, hiring is one of the top goals. We believe, with the right guidance there is a huge potential in Turkey to meet part of this constantly growing demand in software engineering talent.

Devpaths pilot program started with around 10 participants in August 2018. After a successful pilot program, we started the official program in January 2019. Since then more than 37 participants were able to get job or internship offers.

We try to help motivated prospective software engineers succeed in software engineering interview process. We guide participants in analyzing a problem into sub-problems, detecting edge-cases, finding an effective solution, writing a concise implementation of their solution and communicating their thoughts.


We do not run a coding camp or a study group. We encourage all the participants to help each other and learn together, but the core of the program is to help the participants prepare for the interviews, not to teach them Computer Science.


All of the sessions are online. Twice a year, we are hosting in-person workshops, on of them is in summer and the other is towards the end of December, but attendance to in-person workshops is not mandatory.

Anyone who has a good understanding of Computer Science basics, Data Structures, Algorithms and is ready to work hard for the next couple of quarters can participate/

We split participants into two groups: active participants and audience. We keep the number of active participants maximum at 10, and this is the group of participants who are expected to start interviewing in the next three months. Audience is also constantly preparing for the company applications, but they may need more than three months to be ready.

We run weekly meetings to conduct mock interviews and analyze the performance of the interviewee. All of the participants (either in the active group or audience) are expected to contribute to the discussion and fill a feedback form for each and every interview. We provide detailed personal feedback to every interviewee and an action plan until their next mock interview.

We are leveraging Sabancı University alumni network to provide you with a more structured and extensive referral opportunities.

We are also holding in-person workshops and summits in the Sabancı University campus. You can learn more about first workshop we held in July 2019 here, and the first summit we held in December 22, 2019 here.

Our Evaluation Criteria

In this section, you can find how we select applicants to be a participant at DevPaths. Below are our core criteria while we evaluate all or the information we collected during your application period.

– Your performance, results, in the placement test (which you will receive upon your application) will be used as one of the highest indicatives of your computer science fundamentals and problem solving skills.

– Having a solid cs fundamentals is a must. Your grades in data structures and algorithm courses will be taken into consideration.

– Although it is not the only source of your performance and educational achievements your university and cumulative gpa are also considered.

– Positions and activities in which you demonstrate leadership skills are also a plus.

– Having volunteer experience is one of the important things we look for in our applicants as well.

If you think that with the above criteria your application may not stand out. Here are some other ways you can show your skills:

– Having a high ranking in programming competitions or hackathons

– Leetcode performance e.g. successful submissions

Also, you may want to review our evaluation criteria for applications If you cannot find an answer to your questions please feel free to reach us at [email protected]

Are you not sure of this the program for you?

Just take a quick look at what our alumni has to say about DevPaths


Applications Are Closed!

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DevPaths FAQs

Unfortunately, it is not possible. But don’t worry, we accept applications every 6 months. You can follow us on social media to be informed when the applications are opened.

You can always study more next week to compensate for missing work. However, every week that is not completed fully will be counted as incomplete. If you have more than 3 incomplete weeks, we will ask you to take a break from the program and apply when you can invest more time and energy to your interview preparation.

We understand that everyone has other work and priorities. Especially for university students some weeks can be very intense. Our goal is to prepare participants for interviews, so every rule we put into practice is there to support this mission. We believe it is not possible for anyone to fully commit to this program if they do not complete the requirements. We expect every participant to make this program priority for themselves in order to complete successfully.

We continue to keep in touch with our alumni and organize different activities and events with them. However, we do not have a separate program.

The participants who complete the program or as we call it DevPaths Alumni, are the participants who found a job or internship at a top technology company. That’s the contribution we make to their resume. We do not give certificates, in addition.

DevPaths is a program specifically designed for people who have strong computer science fundamentals. If you think you have sufficient knowledge in this area, you apply even if you are not a university student.

We specifically provide preparations and training for Software Engineer interviews at top technology companies.

Every participant has a right not to attend 3 times. If you need more time we ask you to start over next term.